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'I've always wanted to come here as an actor and so it's an honour to come here as a first-time director.' 

August 27 + 42


Messina sighting at 1:19.

August 27 + 16


Thanks, Netflix: The Giant Mechanical Man (2012) 

"I feel like modern life can be alienating. It can be like you’re mindlessly walking through it, like a robot. [..] I guess I just want people to know that they’re not crazy. I mean, life is crazy, right?"
August 25 + 72


@BethGrantActor: Ok U Guys deserve this… Sneak peak of Dr C! Love you all! #TheMindyProjectFOX

August 13 + 103


Sweet dreams, Tumblr.

August 12 + 94


Sometimes you spend your afternoon at work screen-capping the hell out of 28 Hotel Rooms. Post 8/8. (Didn’t do the terribly naughty parts. Sorry, ya pervs. Also sorry that these aren’t the right position.)

August 12 + 16