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- September 16th 2014 - The Mindy Project [Season 3]
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dr. danny ‘diamond dan’ castellano in 3x01

September 18 + 2673


Close up video of Chris Messina talking about working with Al Pacino at the Venice Film Festival. 

I wrote the following on a reblog of the other clip of this answer, but it still applies:

I love when Messina goes all actor/film geek. He’s quiet normally in group interviews but when he does speak it’s always so thoughtful and interesting. He just has a lot of integrity and love for what he does and it shows. I see what he’s talking about and how he applies it to the Mindy Project. That commitment and dedication, regardless the genre, is what makes him such a great and respectable actor. It also, undoubtedly, is a major contributing force as to why we all love Danny Castellano so much.

You can also see how kind and generous he is, just as he describes Al Pacino, in the way he interacts with fans and I’m sure his fellow actors.

I’m so unbelievably happy for Chris Messina. He deserves all this success and more.

Also I’d love to see him on Inside the Actor’s Studio

September 05 + 28


Good morning, Tumblr.

September 03 + 96


For nursetookers - sorry, it’s a really dark scene.

September 03 + 32

Danny Castellano + being vulnerable

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